Trading conditions of Amostia, s.r.o. for the purchase of tickets – complaints procedure rules

The company’s trading conditions and complaints procedure rules


1. These trading conditions and complaints procedure rules govern the purchase of entry tickets to the event Beyond Psychedelics 2018 (hereinafter, the “Event”) performed online via the website By purchasing a ticket, the customer expresses consent with these trading conditions and complaints procedure rules and undertakes to comply with them.

2. The trader is the company Amostia, s.r.o. (hereinafter, the “company” entered in the Commercial Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno, Section C, Insert 93978, ID: 05182484, VAT ID: CZ05182484, with registered office in Vyškov, Potoční 720/22a, ZIP code: 68201, Czech Republic. The contact address for customers is the address of the registered office.

3. The company is simultaneously the organizer of the Event for which tickets are sold. The company is responsible for both the sale and distribution of tickets. The purchase of a ticket to the Event establishes a legal relationship between the customer purchasing the ticket and the Company.

4. In relation to entry to the Event, the customer is obliged to comply with the rules laid down by the organizer of the Event and is also obliged to subject himself/herself to the operating and visitor guidelines of the Event’s venue.

5. The organizer of the Event reserves the right to change its programme, date and venue. By purchasing a ticket, the customer acknowledges this right of the organizer.

6. The company is not responsible for the validity and authenticity of tickets purchased outside the online sale on the website and at the Event’s venue.

Ticket purchase procedure

7. Tickets can be purchased electronically online or directly at the event venue unless they are sold out on the event date. Customers will be informed that tickets are sold out on the website.

Having filled out the registration and paid by a bank card, the customer will receive to his/ her email an electronic ticket stating his/her name and number. He/she will produce this ticket upon the participants’ registration and will be issued a name tag to prove his/her identity upon entry and check.

8. The prices of individual tickets according to purchase date can be either viewed on the website or the customer will be informed about them upon their purchase at the venue.

9. Tickets are not sold via cash on delivery.

10. Due to the reason set out in the provisions of § 1837, letter. j) of the Civil Code, the purchase of the ticket cannot be cancelled pursuant to § 1829 of the Civil Code (discretionary cancellation within 14 days) as, in this specific case, an agreement on the use of leisure time is involved and the performance (participation in the Event, to which the ticket gives entitlement) is provided on a scheduled date or within a scheduled period.

Complaints Procedure Rules

11. The admission fee paid will not be returned, unless expressly stated otherwise below.

12. The purchased ticket will not be exchanged. In the event of damage, destruction, loss or theft of the ticket, the ticket will not be exchanged for a new one and the customer will not be provided compensation.

13. In the event of complete cancellation of the Event by the organizer, the customer who has provided the company with his/her contact details (e-mail, postal address) will be notified via these contact details that the Event has been cancelled. The company will not be liable to the customer if he/she cannot be reached in time via these contact details or if a notification of the Event’s cancellation sent in time is received by him/her with delay.

14. If the Event is completely cancelled, the company will return the ticket price to the customer by a bank transfer to an account which the customer will have communicated to the company in writing.

15. In the event of the cancellation of a binding order of a ticket, the supplier will be entitled to require cancellation fees from the customer in the amount of 10% from the ticket price.

In the event of the cancellation of a binding order of accommodation and board, the supplier will be entitled to require cancellation fees from the customer in the amount of:

a) within 30 days before the start of the event 25% of the total price of the accommodation and board

b) from 29 to 15 days before the start of the event 50% of the total price of accommodation and board

c) from 14 to 6 days before the start of the event 80% of the total price of accommodation and board

d) from 5 days before the start of the event to the day of the start of the event 100% from the total price of accommodation and board (i.e. the full price)

16. All complaints and any potential requests must be delivered without unnecessary delay via electronic mail to the e-mail address: or in writing to the company’s address.

Personal data protection

17. The company collects and maintains the personal data provided by the customer (including a potential one) when purchasing the ticket and using the website Personal data, within the meaning of Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the Protection of Personal Data, means information on the person of the customer by which s/ he can be directly or indirectly identified. The company collects and maintains personal data by means of electronic information media in secured data storage. Personal data is protected in accordance with the aforementioned Act on the Protection of Personal Data. The company is entitled, in accordance with this Act, to authorize a third person to process personal data as a processor.

18. The company processes personal data by:

collecting it for future use, i.e. sending purchased tickets, sending information on changes to the Event or the tickets, enabling the customer entry to the Event, including sharing information with the relevant co-organizer or announcer of the Event if this is required to ensure the customer’s participation in the Event;

maintaining personal data for the purpose of evaluation, preservation and improvement of relationships with their (potential) customers or improvement of its services and products;

collecting it for future use by third parties for marketing purposes, market research or sending information which a (potential) customer may find interesting;

preserving it for use (including by third parties) in advertising, newsletters and other information (including of third parties) in accordance with the requirements of the customer or a potential customer;

using it to obtain operational information and develop services or other activities which can support business procedures;

using it to enforce and execute legal obligations.

19. By providing personal data to the company, or more precisely, by the purchase of the ticket, the customer gives consent with the processing of personal data in the manner set out above. By purchasing the ticket, the customer gives consent with the disclosure of his/ her appearance on the photos and video footage taken.

20. The customer is at any time entitled to oppose the processing of his/her information for marketing purposes, namely in writing. In such a case, the company is obliged to immediately terminate the processing of this information for these purposes. The opposition can be expressed via the e-mail address

21. The transfer of data between the customer’s computer and the company’s server is secured during ticket purchase by encrypting using the SSL protocol, with the aim of protecting the data transferred.


22. Should any provision of these trading conditions be invalid, the validity of the other provisions remains unaffected.

23. The company reserves the right to update these trading conditions and the complaints procedure rules.

Amostia, s.r.o. 15th May 2016