First Psychedelic Aid Course (7 June...

First Psychedelic Aid Course (7 June 2023 - live online)

Date: 7th June 2023, live online

Foundations course on providing support in challenging psychedelic experience.

More info on our webpage. 

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Basics of providing psycho-social support in a challenging psychedelic experience 


The aim of the course is to extend the competencies of providing basic support during the acute phase of a challenging psychedelic experience for the professional as well as general lay public. The course includes theoretical information, discussion of model situations and experiences from practice, interactive activities, practical skills training and space for questions.


The course is based on research and examples of best practice used worldwide when working with people using psychedelics. The course is guided by experts in psychedelic care, therapy and research.


The training programme covers the following areas:

Introduction into psychedelics and associated risks

Challenging psychedelic experience and "bad trip"

Current trends in psychedelic use around the world 

Psychedelic harm reduction - safe and risky set and setting

Ethical aspects of peer support

Basic principles of psychosocial support for challenging psychedelic experiences




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